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HSE Policy

SCCC Pvt. Ltd. is dedicated to the concept that all accidents are preventable and we are committed to a zero accident policy. To achieve and enhance this commitment to our policy, and foster a culture of continuous improvement of our safety health and environment duties, the following shall be followed:

• Emphasize the awareness and training of all persons working for, or on behalf of SCCC Pvt. Ltd.

• The Health and Safety of its employees, subcontractors and other persons who may be affected by the company’s activities, are of foremost consideration.

• Take appropriate precautions to prevent all incidents, which may harm people, damage property and pollute the environment.

• Taking care of health of employees, ensuring safety at work places and protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility. The HSE personnel will work as catalysts to ensure that all sites personnel fulfill their respective responsibilities.

• Protect the Environment by maintaining low levels of generated waste through various activities, and minimize the consumption of resources.

• Ensure the safe operation of all industrial equipment machinery and plant. Continually identify the potential areas for HSE Management System improvement and establish the necessary measures to implement such improvements.

• Ensure that any party performing business with SCCC Pvt. Ltd. is complying with all of the above.