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Our Company

SCCC is well established with an aim to provide a value added structures to our client. SCCC is a professional Design & Construction firm with proven expertise in Industrial Construction Works, Structural Consultancy Services, Value Engineering Services, Sewage Treatment Plants and Water Treatment Plants, Structural Audits and Retrofitting Services. Our portfolio of services encompasses Design and Construction of various structures like Industrial Steel and RCC structures, Buildings, Civil Substructure works like foundations, trimix floors and various miscellaneous civil works.

Why Us?

We are the optimum choice in the market and provide best services for various industrial sectors. All our services are provided by well trained professionals and skilled team of labours and sub-contractors. They closely work with the clients to meet their best requirements and provide them best services with complete satisfaction. With the use of value engineering we provide value added and sustainable projects.

Our remarkable features are: • Quality output • Professional team • Competitive prices • Timely deliveries • Value added product.


Safety is the highest concern in our civil construction industry. We believe in maintaining maximum productivity by adhering to highest safety standard. We try to maintain a zero accident policy on site. Our production teams work closely with our safety, quality control and environmental departments. This enthuses trust and faith in our labourers as well as our clients. The ultimate result being that, our projects are completed on time and within budget and more over, they also exceed all quality specifications and accepted regulations in Industrial Construction.